Monday, September 29, 2014


My aunt died unexpectedly yesterday. She was only 51, and although she'd lived years in pain, we just didn't see this coming.

I hadn't talked to her in nearly 3 years, because of something that was said that angered me. I would have eventually gotten over what had happened, and everything would've gone back to normal. That's the way things work in my family:

Hold on to a grudge for a bit, then let it go. Some of us are better at that last part than others.

But here I am. And there she is. And all I have is the fact that she loved me no matter what, and I loved her.

Did she do and say things that made me angry beyond comprehension? Yes! Are there things that I'll never understand about my family? Heck yes! 

But you reach a point where you just have to say enough is enough! 

Don't hang on to anger for too long. 

Don't let your pride get in the way for too long.

Don't pretend that you or anyone else has never said horrible things, out of hurt feelings & anger. 

Life is so stinkin' short. Like, warp speed. And the older you get, the more apparent that becomes. We aren't here very long, & some of us only get a few breaths in, before it's time to say goodbye.

Just stop. Take a deep breath. Take 20. Then think about how utterly stupid you're being. Think about how utterly stupid the other person is being.


Just get over yourself.

I'll miss you, Shari. See ya when I get there. 

In memory of Shari Church

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